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Driven by a passion to expedite change in
our pursuit of a sustainable future, we partner with businesses and industries to catalyse innovation, enable smarter decision-making and deliver positive impact.

Our Mission

The transition to circularity represents the most important and seismic shift of our time.

A critical transformation of our world’s infrastructure that requires a radical yet diligent approach. Through collaboration towards common goals, we provide clarity beyond the conventional field of vision.

CBR Sustainability Partners

We are consultants, technical project developers and deal advisors, providing technology, business and regulatory expertise with execution power.

CBR Sustainability Partners is a pioneering consultancy dedicated to advancing the transition to circularity through technological innovation and sustainable practices across various industries. Our core values center on innovation, integrity, and a commitment to a sustainable planet and healthier society, driving us to deliver solutions that are not just environmentally sound, but also economically viable.

Our service areas at CBR encompass Strategy & Advisory, Technology & Innovation, Finance & Investment, and Project Development. We offer expertise in regulation & policies, ESG compliance, R&D advisory, market analysis for energy carriers & green products, financial advisory, investment strategy, techno-economic feasibility studies and technical project management, all tailored to enable sustainable business practices and technological advancements.

Our Specialist Areas

Driving and defining change with expertise, compassion & persistence.

Our Service Areas

Harnessing innovation and valuable insight to enable progress.

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