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Driving Impactful Change, Realizing Visions: Delivering Customer-Specific, Implementation-Oriented Solutions in Technology, Infrastructure, and Organizational Transformation

In an era defined by rapid technological evolution and a need for sustainable practices, our specialist area of Transformers & Enablers stands at the vanguard of progress and innovation. We are decidated to driving transformative change across various sectors, leveraging innovative technologies, infrastructure development, and strategic organizational shifts towards Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance.

At the heart of Transformers & Enablers lies our expertise in pioneering technologies and infrastructure solutions that are vital for the transition to a more sustainable and efficient future. Our focus extends to facilitating the integration of cutting-edge advancements into existing systems, ensuring that businesses and communities are not only keeping pace with change but are actively shaping it.

In Transformers & Enablers, our role goes beyond consultancy; we act as catalysts for change, empowering clients to embrace and lead in the era of sustainable transformation. Our comprehensive approach and unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability position our clients to not only meet the challenges of today but to excel in the opportunities of tomorrow.


Pioneering technological advancements are the enabler of the green transition across various industries. We specialize in integrating new technologies to meet unique industry needs and sustainability goals. Our consultancy focuses on optimizing industrial processes with advanced technologies, enhancing operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact. We support the scaling of sustainable innovations, from pilot to full-scale deployment, ensuring economic and technical feasibility. By anticipating technological trends, we prepare businesses for future shifts, embedding these advancements into strategic business planning. This approach positions our clients at the forefront of sustainable industrial practices.


Our approach to Infrastructure recognizes the critical balance between leveraging existing structures and establishing new, capital-intensive installations. We specialize in transforming infrastructure to support the production of green products and the conversion of sustainable feedstocks into carbon-neutral or reduced products. Our expertise lies in strategically upgrading and integrating existing facilities while guiding the development of new infrastructures, such as advanced bio-refineries and green chemical plants. These efforts are central to facilitating the large-scale production of eco-friendly products.


As ESG Compliance increasingly becomes a focal point for companies committed to the green transition, we offer specialized expertise to support companies in becoming ESG compliant. We help them integrate ESG principles effectively into their operational and strategic frameworks, ensuring compliance while fostering sustainable business practices. Our approach empowers companies to not only meet regulatory requirements but also to excel in sustainability performance, thus enhancing their competitive edge in a rapidly changing corporate landscape.


Corporate organizations need to evolve to effectively drive innovation and new technologies. Companies seeking to lead in green transition and technological advancements must often transform themselves, fostering environments where new organizational structures, such as spin-offs, can emerge and thrive. Our expertise focuses on guiding these transformative processes, recognizing the significance of change management and the human element in facilitating innovation. We assist companies in rethinking their organizational frameworks, enabling the creation of agile and specialized special purpose units that are essential for developing and commercializing breakthrough technologies.


Recognizing the crucial role of activating and utilizing sustainable feedstocks in the green transition, we offer our expertise in identifying, evaluating, and utilizing these resources effectively and responsibly.
Our services encompass the entire lifecycle of feedstock management, from sourcing and logistics to processing and compliance with sustainability certification systems. We assist in unlocking the potential of diverse feedstocks, ensuring their suitability for conversion into eco-friendly products.

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“I was able to recruit CBR at very short notice for the restructuring of the Helmholtz Zentrum München für Gesundheit und Umwelt. Thanks to CBR’s quick familiarization with the structure of a non-university, publicly funded scientific institution, the pragmatic, solution- and implementation-oriented approach and the team’s positive attitude and commitment, as well as analytical and communication skills, we were together able to successfully launch both the restructuring and later the digital transformation of the center.”

Kerstin Günther, Member of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee of HUBER+SUHNER, Ex-Chief Financial and Technology Officer of Helmholtz Zentrum München, and former Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom AG

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