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Shaping Sustainable Markets, Fueling Industry Innovations: Expertise That Transforms Challenges into Opportunities.

Navigating the multifaceted landscapes of Sustainable Fuels Markets, Green and Low-carbon Gas Markets, and a broad spectrum of industrial sectors, our Markets & Industries specialist area represents our expertise and commitment to driving sustainable, impactful change across various industries. We are dedicated to offering tailored, implementation-oriented services that address the unique challenges and leverage the opportunities within these dynamic markets.

Our expertise spans a diverse array of sectors, including the rapidly evolving Sustainable Fuels Markets (Aviation, Maritime, Road, Rail), the transformative Green and Low-carbon Gas Markets, and the critical Sustainable Feedstock Markets. Additionally, we provide in-depth insights and strategies for the Refinery Industry, Chemical and Industrial Sites, the Chemicals Industry, Pharmaceutical Industries, Manufacturing Industry, LifeScience & MedTech, and the Public Sector.

In each of these sectors, our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of the specific market dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and technological advancements. We bring a comprehensive perspective that encompasses regulation, policies, and ESG compliance, ensuring that our solutions not only meet but exceed current standards while being adaptable to future changes. Our expertise in feedstock and process technologies enables us to advise on the most efficient and sustainable methods, driving innovation and competitive advantage.

Individual market, business, and product insights are crucial for developing strategies that are not only theoretically sound but also practically implementable and tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

In Markets & Industries, we go beyond consultancy; we partner with our clients to transform challenges into opportunities, enabling them to lead in their respective fields with sustainable, innovative solutions. Our commitment to providing detailed, customer-specific, and implementation-oriented services positions our clients for success in an increasingly competitive and environmentally conscious global market.

Sustainable Fuels Markets
(Aviation, Maritime, Road, Rail)

Foster the development and adoption of sustainable fuels - reducing the carbon footprint of transportation and supporting the global shift towards more sustainable transport solutions.

Green and Low-carbon
Gas Markets

Exploring the potential of biogas, biomethane, green hydrogen, and synthetic natural gas (SNG) for industrial decarbonization and achieving climate neutrality.

Feedstock Markets

Enhanced utilization of sustainable feedstocks, including biomass and CO2, enabling industries towards net-zero emissions by optimally aligning suitable feedstocks and conversion technologies with appropriate products considering factors like availability, sustainability performance, technological maturity, and economic feasibility.


Green transition of refineries examining processing and configuration options to align with new feedstocks and green product profiles as well as energy input options to meet carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emission reductions targets.

Chemical and
Industrial Sites

Exploring the potential of integrated chemical and industrial sites as one of the most energy-intensive infrastructures in Europe being a key enabler to redesign the energy system and reducing CO2 emissions.


Growing imperative for the chemical industry to shift towards the production of green chemicals and embrace decarbonization strategies - sustainable manufacturing processes, tolerant process design and operation in response to the transition in a circular economy adapting to variable feedstock and volatile energy conditions.


Exploring the potential of green and sustainable manufacturing to maximize resource efficiency, reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and even exploit new business opportunities.

Life Sciences
& MedTech

Enabling to transform, digitize, innovate, and adopt sustainable business approaches and technologies in a customer and market environment characterized by innovation and increased imperative for ESG compliant products, services and processes.


Providing capacity building towards the adoption of innovative technologies, activation of sustainable feedstocks, leveraging existing infrastructure, and incentivizing new investments with dedicated programs, policies, and frameworks.

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“I have been co-founding two companies with the exceptional support of CBR and its CEO Christoph. Their entrepreneurial thinking and hands-on execution support made them a great contributor and a valuable partner in realizing our corporate visions. CBR provides a unique perspective and set of skills due to their work in the field of management and technology consulting in combination with tech venture building and project development.”

Jürgen Thom, Co-Founder and CEO of SNUBES GmbH

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