About Us

Driving and defining change
with expertise, compassion
and persistence.

Our Mission

Driven by a passion to expedite change in our pursuit of a sustainable future, we partner with businesses and industries to catalyse innovation, enable smarter decision-making and deliver positive impact.

Our Circularity Approach

The Circle at CBR represents the many positive aspects of working together towards our mission to drive positive sustainable change.

Sustained Focus

The Circle represents commitment, enlightenment, and infinity – much like CBR’s unwavering focus on sustainability and innovation to overcome challenges and unearth opportunities as we navigate the green transition.

Technical Focus

The Circle stands for regeneration, an important step towards imitating Mother Nature. It symbolizes unity, parity and wholeness – capturing the togetherness of the CBR team and the common goals shared with our clients.

See Beyond

There is no benchmark, the possibilities are endless, and CBR will continue to learn and push boundaries as we make progress as a society.

CBR Sustainability Partners

We are consultants, technical project developers and deal advisors, providing technology, business and regulatory expertise with execution power.

CBR Sustainability Partners is a pioneering consultancy dedicated to advancing green transition through technological innovation and sustainable practices across various industries. Our core values center on innovation, integrity, and a commitment to a sustainable planet and healthier society, driving us to deliver solutions that are not just environmentally sound, but also economically viable.

Our service areas at CBR encompass Strategy & Advisory, Technology & Innovation, Finance & Investment, and Project Development. We offer expertise in regulation & policies, ESG compliance, R&D advisory, market analysis for energy carriers & green products, financial advisory, investment strategy, techno-economic feasibility studies and technical project management, all tailored to enable sustainable business practices and technological advancements.

Our Specialist Areas

Driving and defining change with expertise, compassion & persistence.

Our Purpose

We believe that, together, we have the competence, the compassion, and the responsibility to drive positive change with lasting impact.

Our Team

CBR's team consists of deeply committed experts and seasoned professionals, united by a belief in their work's transformative impact, supporting our clients in pursuing their vision of being a successful player in a clean and sustainable future.

Christoph Behrendt-Rieken

Managing Partner

At CBR, we merge profound regulatory expertise with hands-on industry experience and a deep understanding of technology's role in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our mission is to drive decarbonization across industries and support our clients through every stage of project realization.

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Frank Roth


With over two decades in healthcare- and project-management roles, on the corporate side and as a management consultant, I am committed to driving business development, innovation and sustainable strategies. My focus lies in enhancing regulatory compliance and developing business models that adapt to evolving environmental, social, and governance obligations.

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Dr.-Ing. Georg Markowz

Senior Technology Expert

I am deeply passionate about advancing sustainable innovations in chemical engineering. With over 25 years of experience, I specialize in renewable fuels and green chemical technologies, committed to transforming energy and chemical industries sustainably.

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Dr. Chiara Boscagli

Senior Project Manager

My passion lies in the intersection of chemistry and technology, where shaping matter into innovative materials enhances everyday life. I believe that progress can only happen by consciously respecting the environment. Guided by this principle, I am pleased to contribute to the energy transition and support our clients in discovering their individual paths forward.

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Sebastian Koch

Senior Finance Expert

With my broad private equity and corporate finance background, I focus on sustainable technologies, driving innovation in large-scale projects through strategic financial insights and structuring with a commitment to impactful solutions.

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Dr.-Ing. Maximilian Hungsberg

Technology Expert

Committed to driving industry evolution, I strive to empower clients with cutting-edge solutions for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals, seamlessly merging economic viability with environmental responsibility.

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Dr.-Ing. Fabian Schmitt

Technology Expert

Global climate challenges can be met with tailored strategies based on responsible technologies and innovative processes. At CBR we identify these opportunities, unveil their potentials and develop projects by bringing together ideas, expertise and implementers to jointly shape a sustainable future.

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Raphaela Spielberg

Senior Consultant

As part of CBRs team, I strive to help our partners in their path to future-proof and defossilize their business activities. As such, my motivation is driven by advising companies to understand their strategic and technological options, and the impact of their decisions, all while assessing, managing, mitigating or adapting the inherent risks of developing new decarbonization strategies. I believe that it is time to walk the talk and take action. I am convinced that through the power of collaboration across our diverse fields of expertise, merged with relentless discipline and commitment, we can maximize the positive impact we have in this world.

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Andreas Egloff

Senior Consultant

I'm intrigued by the sustainability potentials in healthcare. My enthusiasm lies in innovative products and new business models within Medtech and Life Science that propel the circular economy.

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José Carrillo


Driven by a passion for unravelling the complexities of a range of business models and their intersection with technology, society, financial, legal and environmental ethics, my mission is to drive companies towards a revolutionary equilibrium where sustainability becomes their most impactful legacy.

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Our Senior Advisors

Bundling of expertise to enable successful transition.

Dr. Olaf Wachsen

Senior Advisor Process Technology

Striving for sustainability is a fundamental key responsibility for all of us! One of my particular contributions is enabling people to be successful in their sustainability projects by actively sharing know how and expertise.

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We look forward to discussing how we can navigate the path to success together.

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