Medtech as an important player in driving the decarbonization of healthcare

Dive into MedTech’s role in healthcare decarbonization, discovering circular economy strategies, innovative practices, and practical insights for proactive manufacturers.


begins with an assessment of current practices

Reuse & Reprocessing

requires specific technical skills for remanufacturing, such as expertise in reverse engineering and logistics


involves collaboration between manufacturers, healthcare providers and regulators


is the current practice to minimize environmental impact, but should be systematically challenged.

If the global health care sector would be a country it would be the 5th largest emitter of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


of healthcare-related emissions worldwide


of the health care emissions stem from the supply chain

The increasing European sustainability regulations will lead to more transformational pressure towards GHG emission reduction at the MedTech manufacturer and their customers. A CE can provide pathways to a less emitting future.

Andreas Egloff

Senior Consultant

I'm intrigued by the sustainability potentials in healthcare. My enthusiasm lies in innovative products and new business models within Medtech and Life Science that propel the circular economy.

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