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Get transparency on your sustainability impact, risks and opportunities in the environmental, social and environmental areas, fulfill your legal reporting obligations and utilize gained data to your competitive advantage.

What we offer

One face to the customer for all your sustainability reporting obligations and for creating ESG-driven competitive advantages.

The EU’s “Green Deal” has introduced a series of measures aimed at respecting human rights and protecting the environment, with the goal of making sustainable corporate governance the European standard. Central to these measures is the creation of transparency by regulating the supply and value chains of European companies.

As regulatory landscapes evolve and the importance of sustainable practices becomes ever more critical, it is imperative for organizations to not only meet compliance requirements but to also integrate ESG considerations seamlessly into their operational and strategic frameworks.

To offer our customers the best possible service, we have entered into an exclusive Solution Partners agreement with osapiens.

osapiens offers software-as-a-service solutions that enable global companies to establish sustainability, fulfil legal ESG requirements and automate processes. The company uses its cloud-based technology platform, the osapiens HUB, and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to support companies in the seamless implementation of ESG guidelines such as CSRD, EUDR or LkSG and to roll out their ESG strategy company-wide.


Key Benefits of the Collaboration between CBR and osapiens:


  • Holistic ESG Solutions

Together, we provide a robust platform that integrates high-quality ESG data management, automated processes, and advanced AI analytics. This enables businesses to streamline their sustainability initiatives and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.


  • Simplified Compliance

Our combined offerings simplify the complex landscape of ESG reporting. With the osapiens HUB, companies can centralize their ESG data, perform dual materiality analyses, conduct risk assessments, set targets, and generate comprehensive reports with minimal manual effort.


  • Expert Guidance

Clients benefit from direct access to CBR Sustainability Partners’ regulatory and compliance process expertise, ensuring that all compliance-related queries are addressed, and sustainability strategies are seamlessly integrated across the organization.

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Unlock your sustainability potentials with CBR.

Frank Roth


With over two decades in healthcare- and project-management roles, on the corporate side and as a management consultant, I am committed to driving business development, innovation and sustainable strategies. My focus lies in enhancing regulatory compliance and developing business models that adapt to evolving environmental, social, and governance obligations.

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Andreas Egloff

Senior Consultant

I'm intrigued by the sustainability potentials in healthcare. My enthusiasm lies in innovative products and new business models within Medtech and Life Science that propel the circular economy.

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