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Global Private Equity Firm

Leveraging the Value of Biomethane Plants - Conversion of Biomethane into Higher-grade Products

Energy Carrier – Biomethane
Global Private Equity Firm
CBR Role
Technology Advisor
  • Commercial and technical feasibility study for the conversion of biomethane to higher-grade products, e.g., Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) or Methanol
  • Elaboration on major conversion options for biomethane available and how they differentiate on which major parameters, i.e., with respect to site selection (central vs. decentral), technology & process, market & regulation and financial profitability
  • Elaboration of profitability model composed of separate models for Biomethane pricing, conversion costs and product pricing
  • Buy-side target company analysis with more than 5 mio. tons of food waste and manure processing converted into more than 180 mio. m3 biogas per year

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